S100 Finish Restorer and S100 Polishing Soap:  No matter how well you take care of your bike, sometimes things happen that need “intensive care”.  Some overly stubborn road film, a few ugly stains, or plain old dulling and corrosion are things a biker can face. No problem!  For small areas, our S100 Finish Restorer is the perfect solution.  It can renew tarnished metals (aluminum, stainless, chrome etc.) to a brilliant shine, even often take small scratches out of plastics.  It rubs out easier than ordinary polishes and doesn’t come with that ugly ammonia smell, either!  No wonder Motorcyclist Magazine called it “the nearest article to a miracle finish maintenance product…”

For larger areas, our breakthrough polishing product S100 Polishing Soap is the perfect weapon in that fight against dulling and tarnishing.  This just might be the world’s fastest way to polish!  Forget the slow, tedious two finger polishing you know and step up to a handful of polishing power.  Based on a technology used by European silversmiths, this clay and soap based polish is applied with a wet sponge (included).  Wet the sponge, drag across the Polishing Soap and scrub the surface.  Rinse with a hose or let dry and buff out.  No smelly, oily residue and a speed that will amaze you.  Pipes, fork tubes, wheels, case covers etc. get shined up in a fraction of the time it used to take.  Economical, too.  Outlasts a couple of tubes of ordinary polish.  (Not recommended for painted or anodized surfaces.). Dozens of uses around the home are described in the booklet included.

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